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Sawasdee ka!! Welcome to Cafe chili Thai
Learn how to cook real authentic Thai Food with a real chef  the easy way. Just follow my recipes and cooking video  to create delicious homemade Thai food for your family and friends. Anyway Ying is my name. I was born and raised in South of Thailand. Where my life  pleasure of cooking and eating good food. My parents did have there own  Thai restaurant and resort.  They are cooking very good and all dishes so good. So They  thought me how to cook side by side when i was kid. I learned a lot from them. Then i left home to study at university in SonKla, Until i got  my  Bachelor's ,Master's Degree.  Cooking is my passion . So i learned on my own. i'm a huge fan of the food show so i pick up some of recipes from the shows and trying out different recipes, tweaking them and making them almost everyday for me and friends. Everyone really loves all my dishes. My own has always been something that I like to do with my heart.  In 2005 i quit my job (i was a teacher) to relocated to California. The first 3 years i worked at Thai TV in Glendale, I also worked as a cook in Manee House Thai restaurant in New hall, and Thai BBQ Thai restaurant in Valencia. Now I am full time mom to take care of my little one so i have time to share my experience in  Thai food to you.  My dream is to run my own restaurant here.  But right now no money pls wish me luck !

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