An introduction to Herbs that are used often in Thai Food
coriander root
Spring Onions
Thai Chili or bird eyes (Fresh prik kee noo)The small, red and green fresh chillies  are extremely hot.  It is widely used in many thai recipes  like Tom Yum Koong. Papaya Salad [Som Tum, etc.

Coriander Root (rahgk pak chee The root is also used, often pounded with garlic and other ingredients, to make a marinade. It is widely used as topping of many thai recipes such as 
Cilantro Leaves (pak chee) are used extensively in Thai cooking for many salads and to garnish soups.
Thai Chili
Lime: "Ma-nao" in Thai. used to enhance the flavor of chili-hot condiments, as well as create some very special salads and desserts,  Used principally as a garnish for fish and meat dishes., used as an appetizer, and has antitussive, antiflu stomachic and antiscorbutic propertie
Spring Onions (ton hom) used raw or cooked for their mild but still pronounced onion flavour.  Used in Thai cooking for stir-fries and in soups.

Garlic: "Kra-thiam" in Thai Used in many Thai dishes as a flavouring and condiment. Therapeutic uses are as an antimicrobial, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, antiflatulence and cholesterol lowering agents
Pepper: "Phrik-Thai" in Thai Used as a spice and condiment in some Thai curries. some dishes, likePhad Kee Mao ,Gaeng Paa.
Shallot: "Hom,Hom-lek,Hom-daeng"in Thai used as flavouring or seasoning agents. Therapeutic properties include the alleviation of stomach discomfort, and as antithelmintic, antidiarroheal, expectorant, antitussive, diuretic and antiflu agents.
White Turmeric
Kha-min" in Thai. used for the coloring in yellow curries. White turmeric is used as a raw vegetable and resembles ginger.
Ginger Root
Ginger  Root It is always used fresh rather than dried and should be peeled and chopped or crushed before cooking
Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass: "Ta-khrai" in Thai Used as seasoning and flavouring in certain soups and curry pastes. The benefits are as a diurectic, emmenagogue, antiflatulence, antiflu and antimicrobial agents.
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